Sunday, June 05, 2005

itching to play

I was at a pub called “The Bleeding Horse” in downtown Dublin last night to watch the big soccer game between Ireland and Israel which ended in a disappointing 2-2 tie after the Irish had taken a two-goal lead early on.

The above picture is of Ireland’s Andy O’Brien who has just been unfairly ejected after the Israeli goalkeeper pretended to be struck in the face. I reckon what he is REALLY saying begins with “F” : “F…air enough” ? “F…or crying out loud”? “F…ootball is a wonderful game”? What do YOU think?

I wrote a full account of my view of the game on my sports blog.


Anna said...

He said, "fuck off...fuckin wanker". I read his lips ;)

shandi said...

nicely said shan!!!
When used in moderation...there's nothing as powerful and satisfying as the word "Fuck".
I feel better already :)