Tuesday, June 07, 2005

if they say why? why? tell them you're a freak of nature

I'm not really inspired today, so I thought I'd re-publish a post I did back on February 1st, just before the Jackson trial began. Even after all the hype and all the celebrity witnesses and all the pyjama-wearing, my opinions have not changed all that much really.

"This is how many nose jobs I've had today"

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that the Michael Jackson court case will be a landmark one, even if one attempts to ignore the media circus. Before any circumstantial evidence comes to light, the trial is fascinating on several different levels.

· Abuse or not abuse? This may sound like a no-brainer, since the abuse is the actual charge, but I cannot see how the actual proof of this can come from anything but his word against that of his accuser.

· Why does Michael Jackson spend so much time with children? From the Bashir documentary one is given the impression that Jackson is in firm belief that there is nothing inherently wrong with having children stay over in a grown man’s room, whether impropriety took place or not.

· Why were the kids there in the first place? This is the question that has no doubt prevented parents from taking action up to now, and it will be interesting to see how the prosecuting lawyers dodge this bullet. How can a parent allow their children to sleep in a grown man’s room over night unless (a) they were led to believe they would not sleep in his room (b) they were offered money or (c) they are even more wacko than he is?

· Michael Jackson’s lifestyle? HERE is what is really on trial. Even if the man is found not guilty as I suspect he will be, the daily goings on in his NeverLand ranch will be put on display for all to see, and I very much doubt he will be able to return to this life afterwards. The man is clearly completely out of touch with reality, and those around him who give him counsel should also be in the dock.

· The OJ factor? To what extent is celebrity and race an issue here? When I see interviews from outside the courthouse from Jackson’s fans, I think very much so, and it’s a card his legal team will exploit to the full. When you have grown human beings that actually equate someone who has creative talent with someone of moral integrity, this can be an extremely powerful card indeed.

· Paedophaeilia (or however you spell it). I think parents spend little enough time with their kids as it is, especially fathers. Cases like this make people more and more reluctant to get too close (I was afraid to use the word intimate which really proves my point) to their children. Isn’t it amazing how a tiny minority of socially misguided people can affect the actions of the vast majority of comparatively normal ones?


Buffalo said...

Pedophilia is a disease upon the face of the earth.

Pedo (child) philia (love)

Certainly a perversion of the meaning.

fairygirl701 said...

hahaha love the "freak of nature" ! Ah, those were his good old days before we knew he was totally nuts!!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Paedophaeilia - love the spelling. it's great. and yes, I'm just a dumb American.

Don't care about Jackson. Never really liked his music (gasp) and he's just freakin' nasty to look at.

The animation South Park (dunno if you get that there, but it is so up your alley) did a show on him and his nose kept falling off.

JL Pagano said...

Well if we didn't get South Park over here, I guess I'd have to blame Canada!!!

John said...

Ironically enough I know the guy is guity of something but I think it just boils down to inappropriate behaviour with a minor but I could not help when I was listening to the results from the jury that I hoped he would be found innocent. I think the guy is a 100% freak but I have a certain amount of pity for him, he had such a fucked up childhood and it is not a surprise he ended up how he did, years of therapy may never help him but he has been found innocent like poor OJ by the American judicial system so he must me innocent, Right???