Saturday, June 04, 2005

a higher love

First wedding on Mount Everest

A Nepalese couple have become the first in the world to wed on top of Mount Everest.

Moni Mulepati married Pem Dorje Sherpa after reaching the summit from the Nepal side reports Xinhua.

The wedding was a surprise to the couple's families.

The 24-year old woman's father said: "This is a surprise for us as we did not have even the slightest hint about it."


Mr. Middle America said...

In connection to marriage, I, too, have wanted to climb Everest. Not to get married, Mind You!!

No, far from it. Yeah, really, far from it... Far from the marriage as possible.

Have said it before, will probably say it again!!!! Men and women should have babies together, then move to opposite sides of the planet!

shandi said...

I like your philisophy Brad. I have always wanted to climb Mt. Everest as well...yeah because IT'S THERE. Apparently I married my ex-husband for the same reason.