Thursday, May 26, 2005

four weeks to u2 concert and counting…

from Vertigo 2005 tour

What a picture. Trust me; it makes for a stunning wallpaper.
This sums up Bono’s rapport with his fans. Could that be anything but a look of pure sincerity on his face. To me, it does not say “I’m a super-rich rock star and you’re not ya sad bastard” like the way so many prima donnas act these days. His face instead says, “I’m a super-rich rock star thanks to fans just like you. Thank you.”

Bring on their gig in Croke Park on June 24. It's going to be quite a day, I can't wait, though I guess I gotta. There really is no better place to see them than Dublin – sorry, rest of the world!!!

On a different musical note, I heard the new Oasis single “Lyla” [Yes, Clapton fans, that’s “Layla” with only one “a”] for the first time last night – I think it’s gonna grow on me, could be this summer’s anthem. You can have a listen by playing around with this cool player thingy from their website.
Also in music news, I just found this story on Irish TV network RTE's website. It is a complete coincidence that I did a post on Live Aid only yesterday. The chapters from my autobiography have been posted in sequence once every five days since I began. Honest!
Geldof & Ure reveal Live Aid follow-up plans

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure have revealed plans for a music event to follow-up Live Aid.

The pair have said that the event, which will reportedly coincide with the G8 summit in July, will not be called Live Aid II.

It is also reported that the music spectacular will take the form of a series of concerts around the world, rather than one huge concert in a particular venue.

Speaking earlier today, Ure said: "I can say there's never going to be a Live Aid II but there's something brewing."

"It's big. And it's as petrifying as the build up to Live Aid, if not more so," Ure said. "We'll have all the biggest names we can find. But it's not just about big names, it's about making a point."

Speaking about the possibility of a follow-up to Live Aid Geldof said: "What started 20-years ago is coming to a political point in a few weeks."

"There's more than a chance that the boys and girls with guitars will finallyget to turn the world on its axis and I need you there with us," Geldof said. "What we do in the next five weeks is seriously, properly, historically, politically important."


Heidi said...

first of all, I LOVE U2, and that pic of Bono is really awesome! You are incredibly lucky to be attending their concert! *green with envy*

also, I think it's really cool that something akin to Live Aid II is in the works. how neat is it that you happened to post your "Live Aid" story in such a timely fashion!?!? Sweeeet!

shandi said...

Okay...I played around and listened to Lyla at your request. Now...I know next to nothing about music, but...I know what I like. I liked it. Another anthem I will have to learn the words to.
Thanks for drawing my attention to it ;)