Thursday, April 21, 2005

finally the 49% fight back

Well it's about time.
President Bush hailed his victory last November as though it were some kind of God-given mandate to rush through his entire Neo-con agenda.
Although I would not be surprised if he eventually does get this by Congress, I am delighted to hear that things are at least being made sticky for him at Bolton's nomination committee hearing.
THIS is what democracy is all about.
I reckon Kofi Annan is having a quiet giggle when he reads it.


Buffalo said...

Jeff, god is always on the side of the winners. Winning by one point is as good as winning by 20.

I've heard that President Bush plans on moving to Ireland after his term is finished. I think he is going to solve your problems next.

JL Pagano said...

If he can find us on a map, he'd be more than welcome, I'd be first to buy him a pint!

Anna said...

Right, that's me on the move again. Think I'll hide in Canada, he'll never find me there!