Sunday, March 27, 2005

when your partner eggs you on...

Sandra : I presume you're gonna put the Easter Egg hunt poems on your blog?
JL : Are you mad?
S : Aw, why not? They're so cuuuute!!!
JL : Which is EXACTLY why they're not going on the blog!
S : I thought you said your blog was to showcase your writing?
JL : Yeah, but...
S : Well, you wrote those clues for your kids, didn't you?
JL : Yeah, but...
S : Well, they should go on your blog then!
JL : Yeah, but...
S : Enough with the yeah but!!!
JL : OK, OK, I'll do it later. Hey, how about we take your Mom out for lunch this afternoon?
S : Fine, I'll hold you to that, but why don't you post that on your blog before we go???
JL : Alright, alright...SHEESH!!!
2nd Annual Pagano Easter Egg Hunt 2005

Just like Shrek and Spiderman
The “Pagano Easter Egg Hunt” can
Be just as fun with its part two
As the first one was for me and you

So off we go this one more time
Let’s hope the words I try to rhyme
Will lead you once more to your goal
Without much undo rigmarole

We’ll start off with an easy clue
The room it’s in is called “the loo”
Just think of where you see your face
And look behind that certain place!

Answer = clue 2 was behind mirror in bathroom


All right no more “Mr Nice Guy”
I’d really love to see you try
To find the next as easily
With this next clue, read on to see!

Last August as you both will know
Our Grandpa left this earth although
I know he’s watching from above
With constant never-ending love

So let him help you in your quest
Go where his wife does often rest
And find something up on a shelf
That reminds us all of his good self!

Answer = clue 3 was behind picture of grandpa in grandma's room


I really thought I had you then
Alas you proved me wrong again
This poem must be less revealing
If it is to be more appealing!

Fear not though and do not worry
We have all day there is no hurry
You’ll find the next clue captivating
For a chocolate treat is with it waiting!

Just think of what your Daddy wears
When, watching the TV, he scares
You both by screaming loud and long
To proudly spur his heroes on!

Answer = clue 4 plus 2 candy bars were taped inside shirt of Spurs, Daddy’s favorite soccer team


Well done, now we’re half way there
You both are winning fair and square
So have a break before you strive
To work out where is hid clue five

Easter Sunday is a day
When we as Christians must repay
Jesus Christ himself who died
Three days before when crucified

And so that we may honour this
The next clue will be hard to miss
It’s where clue one was hid last year
Please don’t be cross if I’m unclear!

Answer = clue 5 was under crucifix in hallway


Ah, yes, I knew you’d get that one
I hope you’re still both having fun
I’ve only hidden one more clue
I’d read carefully if I were you!

These poems have all gone the same
And so I might spice up the game
The next few lines I tried to fiddle
And now this Limerick holds the riddle!

There once was a thing on the wall
That told us what that day to call
Until we did spy
A month had gone by
And the numbers made no sense at all!

Answer = clue 6 was behind calendar in kitchen


Just one more clue for you to guess
And since you’ve worked out all the rest
I have no doubt you will succeed
To earn your sugar loaded feed

Bex she chose the Mars Delight
Which now is tucked well out of sight
Together with an egg of creme
Which CJ had as his own dream!

Speaking of dream, that is a clue
And so is sleep and night-time too
Just think of when you’re undercover
And the final prize you will discover!

Answer = the eggs were wrapped in the duvet covers under which the kids sleep when they stay over



Anna said...

Well done! I lazed out and did the lil egg trail to the motherlode!

Buffalo said...

Ahhhh. Such a good Daddy!

And there are some things I miss not being a Daddy.

Michèle said...

What a fun Dad you are! So much work went into that. I hope you get to enjoy some of the treats yourself . . .


hermione2001ie said...

I want JL to be myyyyyyyyy Daddt

hermione2001ie said...

I want JL to be myyyyyyyyy Daddy