Tuesday, March 22, 2005

united we stand; how does the rest go again?

Gun control.

The Schiavo case.


The War on Terror.

The Raising and Distribution of Taxes.

Gay Marriage.

President George W Bush re-elected, November 2004.

51% of total votes for him, 49% against him.

I always thought a good leader was one who brought unity.

To everyone, not just to those who agree with him.

Don’t think for a minute that I believe there’s a Democrat out there who could do any better.

I simply recommend the country be renamed The Divided States Of America until further notice.


Buffalo said...

Families squabble. But they unite to present a solid front when threatened.

JL Pagano said...

OK, before the 9th Armored Division appears at my doorstep, I'M NOT THREATENING ANYONE!!!! I have a US passport!!!! I love baseball!!!!!

Seriously though, from what I've seen, the word "squabble" is seriously understating the point, particularly on the issues I have set out.

You do raise a serious point, though. The more America appears divided, the more opportunities it presents to its enemies.

Mike Todd said...

As much as I think the people running the show are dillweeds, we're all playin' for the same team here. Kind of. Actually, I said that to be nice, but now that I think about it, I don't want my team to have so many hypocrites on it.

Okay, I'd better start moving around a little more so Kara doesn't think I'm in a persistent vegetative state.

Mike Todd said...
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JL Pagano said...

People who write blogs are by definition people who actually welcome opinions from all sides of a debate.

I doubt many of the people holding "right-to-life" placards outside the hospital in Pinellas Park would be as willing to listen.

I doubt many NRA members would be as willing to listen.

I doubt many of the million anti-war demonstrators who marched on Washington would be as willing to listen.

Maybe America needs to be reminded they are playin for the same team by someone other than an enemy.

The ideal person to do that is sitting in the Oval Office.

Mike Todd said...

Well said.

Mr. Middle America said...

How's about The Divided States of America, Inc.???

Howard Dean could have done better...

okstatendn said...

It's unfortunate that our votes are believed to support an entire platform. The one choice suggests that an entire set of choices have been made in a certain way. While that blue and red map of the U.S. is alarming, I have to hope that issue by issue we are not so clearly and predictably divided.

kieran said...

Howard Dean could not, under any circumstances, have done better. No. Judging from his recent DNC rallies (he came to my town not too long ago) he's just as divisive as G-dub and the Righties.

Hate. Hate. Hate. Everyone in America hates each other. I agree with JP.

Ever wonder why it's so awkward to say "Good morning" to a random person on the street? Because you don't know if they're the heathen-secularist/religious nut-job who hates your guts.

Blah. Show me one good and decent person who has a morally comprehensive platform and I'd gladly shake your hand.

We got people who are pro-life, but execute inmates at the drop of a hat. We got people who push "world freedom" but don't care about economic oppression (at home or abroad.) We've got people who are all about civil freedoms and personal rights, but have a complete disregard for religious expression (of any kind.) Right now, I don't have anyone in government to look up to.

I quit politics.