Friday, March 04, 2005


You know, I've always been a sucker for technology and gadgets and gizmos, but even I'm coming close to saturation point!!!
After several invites, I finally gave in this morning and opened a G-mail account. I hope this will drastically improve my life!!!
But what I REALLY wanna know is ... when did F-mail come and go, and how did I miss it???


James Howard Shott said...

I saw a promotion for gmail recently, but was in a bit of a hurry and didn't read it.

Would you be so kind as to explain what gmail is, and why you have decided to utilize it?



JL Pagano said...

I know very little about it, I'm afraid, only that seemingly G-mails can hold much more memory than emails, so if I wanted to send someone a large file (ie, a load of pictures or a video file) it would be easier to send this way.

I was receiving several emails from friends suggesting I open an account. Eventually I decided to do it since it cost me nothing.

James Howard Shott said...

Thanks. I look into it a little deeper.

Rory Gaudreau said...

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