Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I was speechless when I heard the news of a second fatal earthquake in South East Asia less than 24 hours after I had written a post on the first one.
I wish I had some extra money to help them. The only thing my finacee and I can think of is to make the decision to have our honeymoon out there next fall; hopefully by then they will be built up again and would appreciate the business.
If your thoughts are with Terry Schiavo and/or those suffering in the Middle East and Iraq, please also spare some for those affected by this double tragedy.


Buffalo said...

I am little affected by the woes of the world. I don't know if it is partially because of the suffering I saw in Vietnam, if I have surrounded my 'heart' in stone or if something is lacking in my character.

Even the loss of life on 9/11 didn't affect me as greatly as the fact someone attack my country.

Yet when my I had to put down my dog a few years ago I sobbed like a broken-hearted child. For weeks.

Odd, don't you think?

fairygirl701 said...

Did you ever see "telling Nicholas"? Oh so sad...a documentary where the family had to tell a young boy his mom was killed in 9-11. I am a weenie and feel empathy and get all weepy about alot of stuff. You can't help how you are. Nothing wrong with keeping yourself detacted so you won't feel pain.