Wednesday, February 23, 2005

you're indecisive, dear henry, dear henry, dear henry

I sent a cheeky email to NewsTalk 106's Moncrieff program yesterday, featuring a spoof skit of their reporter Henry McKean's daily voxpops on the issue of the day. To my amazement, Sean Moncreiff read it out verbatim doing a passable impression of Henry in the process. I suppose the poor guy was subjected to awful abuse from his co-workers, because he took the time to personally send me an email saying "Thanks for that".
Classic Henry McKean vox-pop today!

Issue : Is it black or is it white?

Voxpopper # 1 : Well, I've thought a lot about it, and I believe it to be black.

Henry : Really? But surely it can't be black because all the evidence points to it being white!

Voxpopper # 1 : Em, er, well, erm....

Voxpopper # 2 (who had been standing behind #1 all the time) : I know it's white, it's gotta be white, no doubt about it, I've always believed it to be white!

Henry : Really? You think it's white? But as the person before you rightly pointed out, it could very well be black!

Voxpopper # 2 : Em, er, well, erm....

Love the show really folks, just havin a laugh, keep up the good work.

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