Friday, February 18, 2005

spanish inquisition

What is it with Spanish football fans? Before I go on, I KNOW natives of Barcelona do not consider themselves to be from Spain, but my point here goes well beyond that.
The Nou Camp Stadium, home of Barcelona FC and easily one of the most impressive sporting venues in the world, recently hosted a charity match in aid of tsunami relief :
First, only 40,000 went to the 90,000 seater venue for the event, and there are serious doubts that they all paid for their tickets; many were reputed to have been given "freebies" to boost the numbers.
As if that wasn't bad enough, not only were there reports of booing during the game (I can't for the life of me imagine why an exhibition game for such a worthy cause should illicit booing), but the entire crowd seemingly did a MEXICAN WAVE during the contest! A tad heartless, methinks!
And all of this in the wake of the unfathomable racist taunts of the black England players back in November :
It seems to me that the general public on the Iberian peninusla need a serious education about the world and how it works. But are they to blame? Is it simply a lack of education? It beggars belief.
I would be loathe to toot the Irish and British horn too loudly, for they like everyone have their own issues on the racist front, but I am almost certain that a charity football match in aid of Tsunami relief that was played at Lansdowne Road, Old Trafford, Hampden Park, The Millenium Stadium or any such stadium (even Croke Park!!!!) would have hosted a night to remember before a packed house showing the utmost respect and raising the optimum amount for the aid effort in question.

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