Wednesday, February 02, 2005

seasonal adjustment

If you read even a sample of my blog writing, you will notice that although I share my identity with both Europe and the USA, my loyalties if pushed would lean toward the former. There is one debate, however, where I have to say the Yanks have it right. According to the Irish, yesterday, February 1st, was the first day of spring. To para-phrase Montgomery Burns, that is utter "pish-posh".
The math is quite simple; there are 12 months, there are four seasons, thus there are roughly 3 months per season. Of course the weather does not instantly change on the 1st of the month, but if you had to name 3 months which could be categorized as "summer", they would have to be June, July and August. Any good weather after that, and the summer becomes Indian! Given that, the other months fall into line. September, October, November are autumn, December, January and February winter, and March, April and May are spring. Believe me I KNOW it's annoying to concede superior knowledge to Uncle Sam, but in this I fear we have no choice.
My jeans size was 32 when in my 20s and over the years that number has crept toward the 40 mark. I bought a pair of blue jeans size 38 while in the USA last summer [July/August ;-) ], and was disgusted that I didn't get anywhere near to fitting into them, so I decided to draw the line at 38. I will only buy trousers of this size in future and if they don't fit, it's time to get fit. My subsequent jogging and minding my diet finally paid off yesterday when I was able to comfortably pull on the Old Navy jeans. Woo hoo!!! Next target is to get my weight under the 18 stone mark.
Sandra was made permanent in her job yesterday, which is great news considering all the hassle she has had over the past few months there. Now she at least has job security, time for me to follow suit! My achieveing that goal was made easier by more good news yesterday; I learned that my grandmother is entitled to her husband's full pension, which will bring her income from €300 per month to a much more healthy €1000. Maybe if I can promise to sign this over to somewhere like Donnybrook it will be do-able. Fingers crossed!

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