Sunday, February 20, 2005

kiss me kate

Watched "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind" last night on DVD. It is not exactly a classic, but one thing you have to say, it engages you throughout. It stars Jim Carrey and the beautiful Kate Winslet, who has just regained No 1 slot in my current sexiest movie stars list; she also made me wonder why she ever stopped being there in the first place!

The plot centers around the relationship between Carrey (a troubled writer/artist which makes me think the writer of the film is talking about himself) and Winslet (a fun-loving thrill-seeking neo-hippy). Basically she gets bored with their association and employs the services of a psychiatrist who apparently (and here's the reality suspension part) can erase a person's memories of a relationship permanently. He finds out the hard way that she has done this, and thus insists on having the procedure performed on himself, only to discover half way through it that he doesn't want to forget her after all.

The action takes place mostly in his mind, and it's up to you to work this out. If you don't, the whole plot will fly over your head. All in all it's an original concept and leaves me wondering if the writer was ever able to forget the girl in question after all. My guess would lean toward the negative.

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