Saturday, February 12, 2005

blown away

Had a classic "Meldrew Moment" this morning :
Before I start this story I want to make it clear that I really don't have a problem with Sandra's new room-mate, a tall relatively good looking bloke. There is a little discomfort however, and this did not help this morning's episode.
I stayed over in Sandra's place last night, as is usual for Fridays. This morning, I left about noon. We were all sitting around the kitchen before I left, we being me, Sandra, Bernie (other roomate), Bernie's sister, and that bloke Stephen. He leaves the apartment to go down to the shops, but he has already said that he will be there in the flat all afternoon, while Bernie and her sis were going out somewhere. Since I had to come back here for a few hours, I knew that Sandra and yer man would be alone for a couple of hours, which didn't really bother me at the time, but I did take note of it.
ANYWAY - when I leave Sandra's flat, I have to go down to the front gate and stand there waiting for her to let me out via the buzzer. On more than one occasion she has forgotten to do so, so I often say as I am leaving the front door "Don't forget to let me out", and she has recently started to get annoyed when I say this, so I SPECIFICALLY did not say anything this morning, I just assumed she would let me out. It was raining, and there was driving wind, and I was standing down at the gate for a couple of minutes like an absolute lemon with Superquinn shoppers passing by all the time who can see me standing there like a wet windswept prisoner on public display.
I eventually had to trudge all the way back up to her apartment and bang on the kitchen window, through which I could see her chit-chatting away to Bernie without a care in the world. Already getting soaked and already frustrated, my anger got worse as I saw Bernie laughing ( albeit understandably) at the wizened shape at the window.
Sandra then opened the front door, didn't say sorry, and offered me an umbrella. I just said "You just forgot about me!" , to which SHE got annoyed and gave an extremely insincere "sorry". So then I was made out to be the bad guy, and as I went downstairs, of course your man Stephen was on his way back up, and all I could think of was the four of them all sitting around having a good laugh at my expense. And what's more there was fuck all I could do about it that would not have made me look even worse. How goddam frustrating is that?
So anyway, on the way home I sent her a text saying how annoyed I was, and I eventually got a reply which contained a much more genuine apology, so then I decided to leave it be and post the incident on my blog for posterity. And so I have!

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Buffalo said...

Interesting read. You write well. The differences in language between U S and Ireland are staggering. I need a translator for some of the slang.

Good job!