Friday, January 14, 2005

royal little britain sketch

[Prince William and Prince Harry go into a costume shop (called “Costumes And That”) disguised as Lou and Andy (bloke in wheelchair with his carer) from BBC’s TV show Little Britain.]

Tom Baker’s Voice: Fancy dress parties were invented by Alice Faversham and her dog Benji in Basingstoke in 1994. I went to a fancy dress party once, I went as Doctor Who! Sadly no-one could work out who I was……

William: Right, Harry, here we are at the costume shop like we said! You want to pick out a nice costume for your fancy dress party tomorrow?

Harry: Yeah!

William: Alright then, which one do you want then?

Harry: I want THAT one! [points]

William: Are you sure Harry?

Harry: Yeah!

William: Are you quite sure Harry, cos that’s a Nazi uniform innit?

Harry: Yeah I know!

William: Well you know the way our Nan is the Queen and all that? If you get seen wearing a Nazi uniform it could cause a right kafuffle!!! Why don’t you get the bunny rabbit costume over there? You like bunny rabbits!

Harry: I want THAT one! [points again]

William: Nah, I don’t think you want that one, Harry; besides you know what you always said about the Nazis, you said their shameful oppression of the Jewish people was a painful legacy for all mankind!

Harry: Yeah I know!

William: So we’ll get the rabbit costume then?

Harry: THAT one!!!

William: [sigh] oh, alright then…..

[cut to 2 days later, they are both back at home; William is reading copy of The Sun newspaper [see pic]. Harry is beside him wearing the costume.]

Harry: Ya shoulda got the rabbit one!

[finish with William throwing his eyes to heaven]

© JL Pagano 2005

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