Sunday, November 07, 2004

willo the wisp

I had heard about an exciting new Irish player from Dublin bursting onto the Premiership scene at Manchester City by the name of "Willo" Flood, and was moved to watch their derby game with Man United today to see what he was like. Before the game the Sky Sports cameras were trained as always on the tunnel leading onto the pitch to observe the two teams standing in line before beginning their march outdoors. Immediately I spotted him, not having seen him before. Emerging behind the tall frame of City keeper David James was a scrawny skinny pasty white skinned red haired lad who proved my powers of observation by turning his back briefly to reveal his name Flood and number 44. Why am I writing about this? (a) it was funny at the time cos he stood out like a sore thumb, and (b) I immediately came up with the title. The teams drew 0-0, Flood played ok. Spurs lost their 5th out of 6 yesterday and are in turmoil.

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