Sunday, November 21, 2004

walk of shame

Went for a walk with the kids just now, up to the Shell station at the top of Booterstown Avenue. We go every Sunday when weather permits, for a bit of exercise and to buy their "Sunday sweets". Today when I got to the counter with them and our shopping, I realized I didn't have my wallet. On top of everything, the girl at the till was a cute blonde chick!!! The kids had to offer me their own pocket money, I just about made up the change, and overall looked like a complete fool, and we then looked around the shop for the wallet which I remembered only AFTER we went gave up and went outside I actually left at home, and not ten minutes earlier had put in my breast jacket pocket so I wouldnt have to bring the wallet!

It was not my first scatter-brained episode, and definitely not my last. Naturally I assume that both the cashier and the mother who was with her kids behind me thought I must have been some sort of drunk separated dad out with his kids on a Sunday morning. Actually it was uni-flu not alcohol!!! So anyway for a brief moment as I walked with my kids from the Shell station I felt totally humiliated, until I realised first that they aren't embarrassed by me so why should I be, and second that if I wrote down an account of the incident in my blog I'd see that the whole thing wasn't anywhere near as terrible as I thought. Luckily I was right on both counts!!!

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