Tuesday, October 05, 2004

what's up doc?

I moved in here to my grandmother's house in Booterstown back in November of 2003. Since then although she has had her moments her health has appeared to remain stable in that she has never seemed to be in need of immediate medical care. Her principle difficulties have been digestive problems and a heart problem but (touch wood) they have as yet to manifest into anything in any way serious. I still feel it necessary to have her checked out, and today I bring her for her first doctor's appointment on my "watch". It is to the Blackrock Medical Centre and Dr Brigid Sheehy, who has examined her on several occasions before. Here is hoping the feedback is good. Then there is my own follow up appointment tomorrow morning where I will receive results of my blood tests and who knows what THEY could reveal. I hope to be able to plan my future a lot better after these two appointments.

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