Thursday, October 14, 2004

poles apart

I've been taken to place the odd online wager lately, and have been quite successful. My latest wager was a 5-game accumulator of last night's World cup Qualifiers. I had Ireland and England to win, with the other "home" nations, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, all to draw. Had I clicked them all I would have won close to €1000. Instead I got 4 out of 5 and got about €50. The Wales-2 Poland-3 scoreline was my undoing. At least I was up on my €20 stake.

The 3rd Presidential debate took place in the wee small hours, I taped it, got up and watched it, and got more of the same as before. No knockout punch delivered. Bush tried to paint Kerry as an unrealistic idealistic leftie, Kerry had a Tony Soprano joke that didn't really hit home as well as it could. This race will clearly go right down to the wire, as did the race in 2000. The crucial difference for me is, in 2000, neither candidate had already had 4 years in The White House to show they can run the country. Bush has had those four years now and still polls show more than 50% of voters unsure whether he should still be there. That should really say it all. It's time for a change. Maybe Kerry would make mistakes, but the fact remains he's the best man to send in and fix the mistakes that have already been made. Plus the prospect of Bush being a Lame Duck president is truly frightening, and I am surprised this fact has not been mentioned.

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