Tuesday, October 12, 2004

one flu over....

I came down with a bug on which I think I picked up when I went out with Sandra and her flatmates on friday night. It has put my jogging on hold as well as pretty much everything else, but I have been able to do my immediate responsibilities, like bringing the brats to school, dealing with grandma, etc, etc. I am on the road to recovery which the uni-flu I bought this morning should spped up considerably.

It was just a meal and a few drinks with Sandra's flatmates, Bernie and Suzie. We went to Mao Chinese restaurant on Chatham St, the food of which was ok, but I had some issues with the service. We went on to a pub called Ba Misu which is part of the Powerscourt shopping center. The flatmates were drinking wine and shorts while Sandra and I stuck to the beer, so by the end of the night they were worse for wear. When we got back to the flat, Bernie decided to knock on the door of the flat next door and invite to of the lads living there in for a chat. I must admit I was a bit annoyed, but I suppose it was something different. I was more annoyed when Sandra introduced me as her "boyfriend", after which I said "BOYFRIEND?" giving her the chance to upgrade it to fiance, which she didn't take, she just sat there speechless. Now I wish to make it clear that my annoyance did not come from the saying boyfriend first, that was an easy mistake. But in the split second when she was faced with a choice of saying she was engaged in front a couple of lads who live next door, or denying it and making up with me later, she chose the latter. I had it out with her the next morning and she apologized. Of course now, I feel like an asshole, but I suppose I was right to speak my mind however paranoid it may be.


PKD said...
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PKD said...


The writing, the subject, the person. It's rare to find a blog this interesting.

My loins are burning with curiosity.