Wednesday, October 27, 2004

no nails left

Football is an agonizing game to listen to on radio, especially when your team is holding on for a win!!!! Spurs were playing a tricky Carling Cup match at Bolton, and I was listening on the internet radio. Bolton went 1-0 up, we levelled. Bolton went 2-1 up, we levelled with 4 minutes to go. Extra time, we get 2 to go 4-2 up, then they get one back. They last 15 minutes were very bad for my nerves especially as the ball spent a lot of time around the Spurs goal and the commentator kept raising his voice!!!! They held on to win 4-3. Burnley away in the next round in November; not easy either.

I almost chickened out of the Amsterdam trip, but Jason had already paid for tickets, so I'm in. Will do me good to get away with the lads for a couple of days, I guess I can't spend all my time tied to Sandra. Should be good.

The brats are on mid term break and I have them all day tomorrow, looking forward to it as always. I was worried when I moved back in with my grandmother that they would not enjoy being here, but they don't seem to mind at all. On average they stay with me better than one night in four, which a lot of separated fathers would be more than happy with.

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