Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Having received a couple of comments to the blog which were obviously the result of google searches of the word "pagan", I decided to add an "o" to the end of my pen-name to scare off the devil worshippers from blogland. I find it gives the name a more Latin sound to it, and encourages people to soften the a's and say "pah-GAHN-o" instead of "PAY-gun" which I would undoubtedly get with the other way. No offence intended, Mark n Vicki!!!!

Did another 1000 word piece this evening, and decided to make it a bit less tear-wrenching than my previous ones. It's called "1000 words on Bleeding Heart Liberals" but is maily about the presidential race in the USA which takes place next week. I know I'm tooting my own horn, but I like the way it came out. So there.

The Amsterdam trip at the end of November is on the cards. It will probably do Sandra and myself to have a weekend away from each other to let this engagement thing settle in our minds. I will give Jason the money tomorrow.

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