Wednesday, October 13, 2004

a lone voice from blogland

I wasn't that concerned that noone had yet commented on my blog, since it has been primarily for my own benefit. Yet I could not help but react to a double comment from a Keith from Austin Texas last night, which more or less said my blog was a bore. I was actually a bit annoyed until I read his profile, and then his own blog. He's a 20 year old student from Texas who seems to think he's Lucifer. Enough said. I presume he was drawn to my site by the word "pagan".

I am pretty much over the last of my flu, so I should really get down to my long list of shit that needs to get done. I have a pile of papers here bside my which needs to be gone through - divorce papers, bills, all kinds of stuff that has been on the long finger too long.

I got my report back on my second assignment for my writing course. She said I missed the point of the first section, which involved writing outlines on potential articles as well as the opening paragraph from the same article. She did however say the opening paragraphs were good. The main piece I did however, she reported as "excellent"...and went on to say : "You worked through the information in a methodical manner. Your pace was good - you dealt with each part of the article equally, not rushing through any part. The style was relaxed and it made for some easy reading. The outline you provided was very good, and (was) worth sending to the Editor." You can't ask for much better feedback than that!!!

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