Saturday, October 23, 2004

go to see saw

Sandra and I brought her mother out for a meal and a movie last night; we went to the Liffey Valley Centre and ate at Spur Steakhouse, followed by the thriller "Saw".
The film is similar to "Seven", which I thought was one of the most compelling serial killer thrillers I have ever seen. This one isn't quite as good, but does keep you watching throughout and does not fail to shock and surprise you at every turn. If you like that sort of thing I strongly recommend it.

My friend Jason(who we call "The Cat"), has asked me if I want to go for a couple of day's cultural experience in Amsterdam at the end of November. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to what I mean by cultural experience!!! I am going to meet him for coffee this afternoon to get details; he claimed in a text message yesterday that he can get a very cheap deal to go there.

Speaking of movies, I have to laugh at the latest release of the movie "Alien Vs Predator" or "AVP" which is one of a series of films which turns a video game into a movie, when in the "old days" the movie always came first!!! Having said that, Sandra and I are looking to stay in tonight so she can nurse her cold and relax in preparation for the fancy dress party wich is tomorrow night, so the fact that local network RTE2 is showing the original movies of both Predator and Alien back-to-back gives us the ideal reason to stay in with a few beers and microwave popcorn on a Saturday night!!!

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