Sunday, October 31, 2004

café insane

The only really memorable incident of the weekend happened Friday, but maybe it's one I'd rather forget!!! Met Sandra after work, we went for something to eat, then met her pals Michelle and Julie-Ann in Searson's. Had a good few there, then eventually moved on to Café En Seine on Dawson St, the scene of many a crime for Sandra when we were split up over a year ago.
We moved around a few times to find a good spot, finally settling not too far from the entrace, leaving all our bags there. We were all pretty well on at this stage. Then Mich & J-A go to the loo together, and a couple of minutes later Sandra says she has to go as well and do I mind being on my own briefly. As the other girls would have been back shortly, I didnt mind. Or so I thought.
About half an hour passed and no sign of anyone. My theory was that the 3 of them decided to go for a dance and left me as a human cloakroom without telling me. So, being understandably miffed, I picked up my jacket and my bag, left all of theirs, and set off looking for them. I had felt like an absolute plonker standing on my own. As I get to the back of the pub I meet the two girls and ask have they seen Sandra, they say they thought she was with me. So we go back to our spot, no sign of her. The two girls take it in turns to go off looking, and I'm getting more worried by the minute. Sandra is on medication which leaves her prone to epileptic fits - having said that, it has only happened once with me in the four years I have known her. But at this stage it was the only possibility, without going into the paranoid zone of thinking she was with another bloke, of course.
When the second girl came back without her, I had to go looking myself, and I could only think to ask a bouncer if there had been an incident with a girl having a fit. He led me to both ladies toilets but could not find her. I apologized and headed back to where we were. I was like a parent having lost their child, in that I was worried sick but would kill her if I saw her (metaphorically...). Sure enough she was with the girls at our place when I got back to the seat. I grabbed my bag, told her to go fuck herself, and stormed out of the pub.
Once outside I went and sat on the ground not far from the entrance. Michelle came running out a few moments later. She told me Sandra was drunk and had gone to the wrong place. I had a real struggle believing that story, but I agreed to make sure Sandra got home ok. When she herself came out Sandra started yelling and screaming to herself in annoyance for her being so "stupid" to go to the wrong place. She was even hitting herself at one point. With great difficulty I got her into a taxi and brought her home. I was honest with her in that I had serious trouble believing her plea of having gotten lost. It would be one thing in a pub she's never been to before, but she practically lived in Café En Seine last year.
As we normally do, we worked it out the following morning, and spent the whole day together. We had been invited to her friend Alex' house for Saturday night, and also to her mother's for dinner this afternoon. I fulfilled both engagements and spoke no more about the whole thing. But I have to admit it has all left a bad taste in my mouth. Surely I'm not so stupid myself that she and her mates are running rings around me? I need to sleep on it all.

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