Thursday, September 30, 2004

take me away from the ball games....

After football, my favourite spectator sport is baseball. It's pretty much the only All-American thing I actually heartily endorse!!!! And after Tottenham Hotspur, my favourite sporting club is the Oakland Athletics. Going into the final 3 games of the regular season, the Athletics (or A's) are tied for first place with the Anaheim Angels, and those final three games happen to be between the two teams in question. It just quite simply don't get better than that. I have paid up fully for the MLB.TV service and thus could watch all 3 games live on broadband internet. Instead I will be in Galway (hopefully) celebrating with my fianceƩ. Hmm....where would I rather be....(the Galway thing, in case you're wondering! But GO A'S anyway!!!!) By the way, my ex-wife no longer has a meeting (calling into question its ever having existed) so we can now hit the road early.

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