Monday, September 27, 2004

rugger bugger

The weekend was eventful in that I got drunk Fri and Sat nights. Friday I met Sandra and some of her work crowd at a new place called "Karma" near Christchurch Cathedral. We got drunk very quickly and went back to her place before midnight. Saturday we did our own thing, with me meeting Ado Conway and his Mayo boyos in Tramco while she went to Cafe En Seine with the girls.
I was surprised to see rugby star Brian O'Driscoll in Tramco. Not that he's not entitled to a night out, I just would not have put him there especially when it was awash with culchies!!!I pointed him out to one of the Mayo lads and before I knew it the chap was bending BOD's ear about something or other!!! SCARLEH!!!! He stood there listening to him rant for a while, but did not look impressed. For my part, I had a laugh and a skinful of vodka and went home alone. Sunday was spent in Sandra's mum's recuperating.

Brought my grandmother to the "month's mind" mass for my grandfather, who naturally passed away exactly one month ago today. It was a brief mass given in The Royal Hospital, Donnybrook and was in front a congregation mainly consisting of elderly patients, many of whom snoozed through the whole thing. If anything it was a worthwhile exercise in that it got her out of the house for a while.

Sandra begins her "animal grooming" course tonight. I am going with her to the college so she gets used to getting there by DART as I am familiar with Killester. Since I have been doing writing and computer courses, it has inspired her to do something she enjoys. I think she would be great running her own animal grooming business. I hope the course goes well for her.

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