Thursday, September 23, 2004

quiet morning

I got up at 6am, went for my short run, at which I am getting better [bloody well should I've been doing it 3 weeks now!!!]. Since then, however, I haven't achieved much. I finally put together my "daily memo" which is my challenge to myself in the form of a list of chores which if completed will make me feel like I have had a productive day. I am meeting Sandra for luch at 1, then from there I go to collect the kids from school as is usual for Thursdays and bring them back here.

This new blog thing has given me the idea for a writing project which I will start soon. I want to bring the blog up to speed on my life to date, and will do so by way of a series of passages which I will entitle "1000 Words On...". Already I have planned to write 1000 words on my grandparents, my mother, my marriage, and Sandra. As I complete each passage and am happy I will publish it. For the earlier stuff I will try to use excerpts from the diary I used to keep, which ranged from ages 13 to about 25.

Time to start doing things on my list!!!!

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