Wednesday, September 29, 2004

oh god it's friday!!!!

This could only happen to me. I thought I had it all set up. Sandra's birthday was back on September 1st, but as her present I paid for a weekend in Galway, on which we will be setting off this coming Friday. We have been to Galway a few times before and it is our favourite Irish destination. So for the past couple of weeks I have been bugging Sandra to ask for a half day this Friday so we could set off early. Finally on Monday she asked and sure enough she has been let off at 12:30 on Firday. great. All set!!! Off we go!!!! She has me all to herself for a few days, no work, no kids, no grandparents, great stuff, all sorted. OR SO I THOUGHT. For reasons only known to the inner reaches of my brain, I didn't factor in the fact that this year I am now expected to collect the kids from school on Friday afternoons. I have even done it for the past few weeks, but never copped on that the same arrangement would be expected this week. It only dawned on me last night, so in a panic at 10:30pm I had to text my ex-wife Ruth to ask, beg, PLEAD that either she or her mother could collect the kids and let me head west at lunchtime as planned. Too late. Ruth has a meeting at 2 and can only make it home around 3:30, and her mum is away to Mallorca this week of ALL weeks. So today I had to meet sandra for lunch and tell her that because of the kids we won;t be leaving as planned. Negative brownie points!!!! The only silver lining in this dark cloud is the fact that I now have the engagement ring wich she herself picked out a while ago, and this fiasco has only served to answer my questions about what stage of the weekend would be best to present it to her. AS SOON AS FUCKING POSSIBLE!!!!! Wish me luck.............
Made the difficult phone call to my grandparent's lawyer this morning, but she was very helpful. Turns out my grandfather didn't have a will after all, which is very strange indeed. Anyway, Mrs O'Boyle will come here to the house to discuss matters with my grandmother, which is good because I do NOT want to be involved in the discussions at all. She will also help me out with the next stage of my divorce proceedings.

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