Friday, September 24, 2004

logging my jogging by blogging

15 days out of the last 18, I have gotten up at 6am, and gone for a short run. Big deal, I hear you say. Well I feel good about it. For the past two years I have been what amount to a lazy bollix and my decision to start jogging at an early hour is the first part of my plan to re-tune my biological clock to that of the regular 9-5 working public. I also was inspired by pictures of myself on our recent trip to the USA which finally revealed to me that I am grossly over weight and need to do something about it. The reason I need to watch my weight is very simple - my girlfriend Sandra looks hot and won't want to stay with a big fat fart!!!! As long as I look relatively good my baggage of two kids and ex wife and an elderly grandmother won't become too much of a factor!!! Besides that though I am proud of the 15 out of 18 figure in that I have tried several times over the past couple of years to adopt new regimes, all of which have fallen by the wayside. With this jogging one, it's a case of so far, so good, and long may it continue.
The kids (or "brats" as I affectionately call them) stayed with me last night, and now it's time to make them breakfast and get them ready for school.

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