Tuesday, September 28, 2004

i'll give her a ring at the weekend

I'm picking up the engagement ring tomorrow, and I plan to give it to Sandra when we are on holiday in Galway this weekend. I let her pick it, but told her I couldn't afford it until after Christmas, so hopefully she will be surprised on Friday evening! And pleasantly so! I hope she realises that I don't want the wedding to take place before summer 2006. We can discuss that during the course of the weekend. I think this is the right decision for me. Many would say "For God's sake man you will be a bachelor get out there and sow yer oats", but considering how well we get along, plus the stability in my life the relationship brings for the kids, I am sure I am doing the right thing.

Speaking of relationships, I have to take the next step in my divorce proceedings today by contacting my grandparent's solicitor with a view to having my papers notarized. I also have to enquire about the situation after my grandfather's death. Not a phone call I am looking forward to! I can't wait until the divorce is finally through, though.

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