Thursday, September 30, 2004

going the extra mile

Ok, maybe it wasn't quite a mile, but the fact is I feel very good about myself that I was able to run about twice as far this morning for my jog. It dawned on me as I set off that if I got up at 6am tomorrow morning as has been my wont over the past few weeks, it may leave me unnecessarily knackered in the evening once we made it to Galway, which would not look good considering it is meant to be a romantic weekend!!!! So in mid stride I decided to adopt a new route, which instead of taking me to the tree stump outside the Radisson hotel and back, I continued up the hill to the Stillorgan dual-carriageway then back down via the short cut at the top of Booterstown Avenue. Sure enough when on the SDC I experience a Paula Radcliffe style burn-out and has to walk for a little bit, but the adrenaline soon kicked in and I was able to finish the run spurred on by the feel-good factor. Throughout all this running my weight, which I measure every morning after I get up, has held steady at about 116kg, about 18st3, something I really have to get down. I am primarily concerned with my waistline, however, as my weight may be up because I have broad shoulders on account of my weight training. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME AND MY VANITY FOR NOW.

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